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Stanley Dura-Glide 2000, 3000 Parts

Stanley Dura-Glide 2000, 3000 Automatic Sliding Door Parts

Automatic Door and Hardware is the Nation's leading supplier in Stanley Duraglide automatic sliding door parts and hardware. We carry every type of component available for Stanley Duraglide automatic doors from mechanical wear components such as bottom guides, to electronic parts like the main control unit. If you are in need of any Stanley Duraglide automatic door component you can be assured Automatic Door and Hardware has it.

Types Of Stanley Duraglide Parts

Stanley Duraglide Operator Assembly

The operator assembly is the complete drive unit for the Stanley Duraglide automatic door system. This part consists of a dc motor with encoder, coupling, and mechanical gearbox. Electricity sent from the Stanley control unit powers the Stanley operator, allowing the doors to automatically open.

Stanley Duraglide Motor

The Stanley Duraglide motor assembly is an electric DC motor. It connects to Stanley mechnical gearbox via a special motor coupling. The Stanley DC motor uses a hall encoder located at the end of the motor, which counts the revolutions of the DC motor, allowing the Stanley controller to measure the opening and closing distance of the Stanley automatic door.

Stanley Duraglide Gearbox

This heavy duty mechanical gearbox features a worm-gear design. The gearbox mounts to the Stanley DC motor via coupling and is secured to the motor by 4 screws. As the DC motor rotates, the internal gears of the gearbox move, causing the output belt pulley on the side of the gearbox to rotate, thereby allowing the Stanley automatic doors to open.

Stanley Duraglide Controller

The Stanley Duraglide controller is the "brains" of the operation. This microprocessor control unit is essentially a computer that supplies power to the Stanley Operator to open and close the doors. Other inputs such as activation sensors and safety beams allow the Stanley controller to keep the automatic door operating in a safe and controlled manner.

Stanley Duraglide Electric Locks

Some Stanley Duraglide automatic doors are used as security doors and as a result use an automatic electric lock system. This electric lock design is comprised of a powerful solenoid that latch and secure the Stanley automatic doors when they close.

Stanley Duraglide Door Control Switches

Stanley Duraglide automatic sliding doors feature a variety of operation functions. The most popular door operation function is "Automatic" meaning the Stanley automatic door can be activated from pedestrians on either side of the door. Other door functions include One Way traffic and Closed. These Stanley automatic door operation functions are selected through a rotary knob or key selector switch or a panel of rocker switches.

Stanley Duraglide Sensors

Stanley Duraglide automatic doors use a variety of sensors and detectors to communicate with the Stanley door controller of obstructions or pedestrians approaching or in the closing path of the automatic door.

Stanley Duraglide Common Replacement Parts

The Stanley automatic door system consists of many parts and components including bottom guides, top door rollers, ANSI/BHMA compliant stickers, timing belt, and much more.

Types of Stanley Duraglide Series Automatic Doors

Stanley Duraglide 2000 Series

The Stanley Duraglide 2000 series is a fixed sidelite automatic door system. Fixed side lite (FSL), or also sometimes referred to as partial breakout, indicates that only the moving door panels can swing out in case of emergency. The Stanley Duraglide 2000 automatic door shares the majority of the same automatic door components as the Stanley Duraglide 3000 series automatic door, however they do have their own specific parts like fixed side lite bottom guides and fixed side lite break out switches.

Stanley Duraglide 3000 Series

The Stanley Duraglide 3000 series is a full break out automatic door system. The term full break out (FBO) indicates that all door panels can swing out in case of emergency. Stanley Duraglide 3000 automatic doors use the same exact parts as the Stanley Duraglide 2000 automatic doors, with the exception of the full breakout bottom guides.

How To Order Stanley Duraglide Automatic Door Parts

Identify Defective Stanley Duraglide Part

Many times, the Stanley automatic door part that is broken is very obvious. You may see parts of a broken top roller on the floor, or some weather stripping peeling off of the door. Look for visible parts that are broken. Search the Automatic Door and Hardware website for the matching part or contact us directly at [email protected] and one of our automatic door experts can guide you to the right product.

Listen For Unusual Noise

Listen carefully to hear if the door is making unusual noise. If it is try to determine where the noise is coming from and from which part or component.

Turn The Stanley Duraglide Door Off

Power the Stanley Duraglide off. Manually slide the doors opened and closed feeling for any obstructions that could be causing the problem.

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