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Automatic Door Openers

Automatic Door Openers

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The First Automatic Door Opener For 99% Of Commercial and Industrial Door Applications

Welcome to Automatic Door and Hardware. If you can't tell by our name we specialize in automatic doors. In fact, we were the first website to offer automatic swing door opener systems for purchase online. We know exactly what types of entrances customers need to automate, with the vast majority of them being front entrance doors to a commercial building. Commercial front entrance doors are typically heavy commercial glass doors, heavy hollow metal steel doors, or even sometimes solid core wood doors. Our Commander commercial industrial automatic door opener is manufactured with a heavy duty geartrain, allowing our door opener to operate commercial front entrance doors with ease.

The Real Reason Your Automatic Door Opener Is Failing You

The unfortunate truth is that the majority of automatic door openers marketed today are not true commercial industrial grade automatic door openers, and if installed on front entrance door applications or standard to high traffic doors, results in failure as well as costly nickel and dime repairs. What's worse is most of these automatic door openers lack a catalog of aftermarket repair parts, making a new purchase of the entire unit the only applicable solution for the building owner. With the Commander commercial industrial automatic door opener, we offer a full catalog of replacement parts should you ever need them. We know automatic door openers and we know that having a full line of replacement parts is essential to commercial buildings with maintenance crews.

Industrial Grade Gear Train - Our Automatic Door Opener Will Not Fail You!

  • A True Commercial Industrial Grade Automatic Door Opener
  • Works On 99% Of Commercial Doors Including Exterior Front Entrance Doors
  • Can Be Installed On Storefront Glass Doors, Hollow Metal Doors, Steel Doors, or Solid Core Wood Doors
  • Full Catalog Of Replacement Parts For Aftermarket Service If Needed
  • Full Duty DC Motor
  • Advance Features and Safety Functions Such As Push and Go, Touch and Stop, Etc Come Standard
  • We Manufacture Our Product In The USA
  • An Economical Solution To Converting Your Manual Door System Into An ADA Compliant Automatic Door System

Buy American Made Automatic Door Openers Today

Automatic Door and Hardware is an American owned and operated business. If you are an installer, contractor, building owner, or purchaser purchase the Commander automatic door opener today and experience the difference!

What Is An Automatic Door Opener?

An automatic door opener, or power door opener, is a device that automatically opens and closes an entrance door. Automatic door openers are electrically driven, and consist of a DC motor, mechanical gearbox, electronic microprocessor controller, and an pivoting arm mechanism. Automatic door openers are a retrofit product, designed to mount to any commercial door frame with a manual swinging door and transform that entry into an automated swinging door. Automatic door openers have gained a large popularity since they are much less expensive then purchasing an entire swing door system which includes the door panels and frame.

Can Be Installed On The Following Main Front Entrance Doors, Exterior Doors, and Interior Doors

  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Retail Stores
  • Pharmacies & Department Stores
  • Offices
  • Bus Stations & Airports
  • Schools & Universities
  • Government Buildings
  • And More

How Can I Open My Door Automatically

The automatic door opener works by activation. There are a variety of activation accessories and safety devices which can be integrated into the automatic door opener.

Wireless Push Plates

The most common activation accessory of an automatic door opener is the wireless push plate. This knowing act device, consists of a stainless steel push plate, mounting box, and wireless transmitter. A large wheelchair symbol and the words "Push To Open" appear on the face of the plate. When a pedestrian presses the push plate, the transmitter emits a signal to the automatic door opener to open the door.

Hardwired Push Plates

Similar to the wireless push plate, however a transmitter is not used. Instead signal wires are ran directly from the push plate to the automatic door opener. When a pedestrian presses the push plate, the signal is sent through the wires to the automatic door opener, allowing the door to open.

Wireless Touchless Wave To Open Switches

Similar to the wireless push plates, except the pedestrian can simply wave his or her hand in front of the touchless switch to active the automatic door opener to open the door. Touchless activation switches are perfect for healthcare facilities and any restroom application, since they help prevent the spread of germs by not requiring the use of hands to open the door.

Vertical Actuator Bars

This 36 inch tall activation switch operates exactly like a traditional push plate. It is available in hardwired or wireless models. Vertical actuator bars have gained popularity since they were passed as a requirement for all buildings in the state of California.

Automatic Door Opener Installation Types

Automatic door openers can be installed on virtually any type of commercial door. No matter the door and frame material type, the automatic door opener always mounts to the top of the door frame on the interior side of the building. Since automatic door openers are electro-mechanical and house electronic components, they should always be installed in a dry area away from rain, water, or snow.

Steel Door and Frame Installation

Commercial steel doors are commonly used as exit doors or security entrance doors. Our Commander automatic door openers can be installed on steel doors with ease.

Wood Door and Frame Installation

Most commercial interior doors are wood doors with steel frames, or wood doors with wood frames. In either case, an automatic door opener can be installed on wood doors using wood screws.

Commercial Glass Door and Frame Installation

Most commercial building entrance doors are aluminum glass doors also known as storefront doors. An automatic door opener can be installed on storefront doors with self tapping metal screws.

Automatic Door Opener Arm Types

The mechanical device that connects the door to the automatic door opener body is known as the arm assembly. Automatic door openers utilize two main arm types: outswing arms and inswing arms.

Outswing Arm: The majority of automatic door openers are installed on the front entrance doors of commercial buildings. These doors are always outswing door applications. An outswing arm is a push type of arm used on right hand reverse or left hand reverse automatic door openers. This arm type is used when the automatic door opener is mounted at top of the door frame on the push side of the door.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Door Has A Panic Bar On It? Can I Still Install The Automatic Door Opener?

Yes, if the panic bar can be dogged down so it is unlatched, then the automatic door opener can operate. If the panic bar does not have dogging, then a rim electric strike will need to be purchased for the panic bar must be installed.

Does ADA Require Automatic Door Openers?

No, ADA does not require automatic door openers. However in many cases exterior entrance doors with traditional hydraulic door closers cannot be adjusted to meet 8.5 pounds of opening force. In these cases, the only solution is an automatic door opener to create a barrier free entrance.

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