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Commercial Storefront Aluminum Door Pile Weatherstripping

Felt weatherstripping is most commonly found on the lead stiles of commercial aluminum doors. The small mohair of the weatherstripping provides a seal, helping to allow the building to maintain it's temperature. Over time the felt weatherstripping can get ripped or torn as pedestrians are constantly opening and closing the door. As pedestrians pass through the entry way they can snag the felt weatherstripping on the door, compromising the seal of the door. Automatic Door and Hardware is here to help. We offer a large selection of felt weatherstripping to choose from. There are various felt weatherstripping pile heights and backing widths to select from, so that you can be sure you will find a proper felt weatherstripping mohair.

Replace your worn out weatherstripping today with Automatic Door and Hardware's contractor grade felt weatherstripping. We offer wholesale prices on all felt weatherstripping and fast shipping directly to you.