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ADA Compliant and Barrier Free Handicap Accessible Door Closers

Automatic Door and Hardware is your source for ADA door closers. We provide safe and reliable commercial door closers that meet and exceed ADA standards. ADA or Americans With Disabilities Act is a law enacted to provide equal accessiblity for all types of pedestrians. At Automatic Door and Hardware we only offer products that can be adjusted to meet ADA compliance. Order today and receive FREE shipping.
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What Makes A Door Closer ADA Compliant

For a door closer to be ADA compliant it must meet the following standards. The door closer should take atleast 5 seconds to close from the full open position at 90 degrees to approximately 12 degrees. This is the main closing cycle of the door. A door closer that is improperly adjusted, will swing closed to fast in this closing cycle range and can be dangerous to all pedestrians using the door including children and the elderly. The opening force of interior ADA doors must also be less than 5lb of force. The opening force is really dependent on factors like the weight of the door and the door closer's internal spring tension or size. This is why having an adjustable spring door closer is very important, so that the installer can set the door closer spring size to an appropriate tension so that the door can be pushed open with less than 5lb of opening force. Automatic Door and Hardware offers fully adjustable spring door closers to meet ADA compliance.

Do ADA Doors Need Closers

All ADA doors require door closers. If a door closer is not used, spring hinges can be used. However, spring hinges should only be used on very light doors. If the ADA door is constructed from solid wood, hollow metal, or is an aluminum glass door, then a hydraulic door closer should be used. Installing spring hinges on heavy doors is dangerous since the hinges will wear out prematurely.

Door Closer ADA Height

ADA compliant door closers should be mounted at the top of the door or frame so that the distance from the door closer to the floor must be atleast 78 inches. An improperly mounted door closer too low could be dangerous for tall pedestrians passing the door way. Door closers also work using physics. Mounting a door closer at an improper height will cause the speed and geometry of the closure to be off, also resulting in a dangerous situation.

What Is The Minimum Degree Of Opening For An ADA Door Closer

An ADA compliant door closer must open atleast 90 degrees. A door closer that is adjusted to open less than 90 degrees is dangerous since pedestrians with walking canes, wheelchairs, or other mobility assistance would have a difficult time fitting through a narrow opening.

How Do You Check ADA Door Pressure

The opening force of an ADA door can be checked with a door opening force gauge. At Automatic Door and Hardware we carry a door force gauge designed just for this. To properly test, the door should be unlatched and closed. Slowly open the door. The door force gauge should always be applied to the door with steady and smooth pressure. The opening force on the door force gauge can be read once the door has been fully pushed open.