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Bi-Part Automatic Doors

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Commercial Bi-Parting Automatic Sliding Glass Doors

Automatic Door and Hardware is the Nation's #1 manufacturer of commercial bi-part automatic sliding doors. We sell bi-part automatic sliding doors perfect for retail stores, grocery stores, hospitals, schools, and other commercial building applications that depend on a safe and secure entrance for pedestrians and employees. Order today and receive FREE freight on all bi-part automatic sliding doors.



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What Is A Bi-Part Automatic Sliding Door?

A bi-part automatic sliding door is a type of automated door system designed to slide the doors open at the center of the opening. Traditional Bi-Part automatic sliding doors are made up of 4 door panels, where 2 of the door panels can move or slide open, and other 2 door panels are stationary and do not slide. They are sometimes referred to as "double door automatic sliding doors" since the two inside door panels slide open in the opposite direction.

Benefits Of Bi-Part Automatic Sliding Doors

Improves Accessibility

Bi-Part automatic sliding doors can help improve accessibility to your store or building. Commercial buildings must comply with ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) requirements. Although automatic sliding doors are not required by ADA, sometimes they are the best option for your building. Traditional ADA compliant swing doors require the disabled pedestrian to open the door by pulling on the commercial door handle. In some instances, even with the ADA compliant opening force for a manual swing door, this can be an overwhelming task. With a bi-part automatic sliding door system, the door automatically opens for any pedestrian using motion sensors, completely eliminating any use of the hands to open the door. Bi-Part automatic sliding doors also offer a large door opening for more than one pedestrian to enter or exit the door. For this reason Bi-Part automatic sliding doors are great for grocery stores and retail stores where shopping carts are used.

Protection Against Bad Weather

Each year manual swinging doors are broken and damaged from wind catching the door and swinging the door open at an unsafe speed. The manual swing door hits the building wall so hard that the pivot hinges break or the glass on the door shatters. Unfortunately, this is very common problem for many building owners and business owners in America. Bi-Part automatic sliding doors are the perfect solution for this. Since the doors slide linearly, and do not swing open, the wind is unable to catch the door and swing it open. Bi-part automatic sliding door provide a solution to buildings that face the wind.

Bi-Part automatic sliding doors also feature heavy duty bottom brush sweeps, designed to prevent debris, wind, and insects from penetrating the entryway of the automatic door system. An ADA compliant door threshold is also provided as a means for a sealing barrier between the inside and outside of the building.

Each Bi-Part automatic sliding door also features brush pile weatherstripping on the door stiles to help with building energy consumption.

Increased Security

Bi-Part automatic sliding doors come standard with a heavy duty 2 point lock system. One moving door panel features a heavy duty laminated security deadlock with a hook bolt that latches into the other moving door panel. A security vertical rod locks into the door frame header providing additional security. An interlocking rail design prevents any of the door panels from opening.

Maximize Natural Light

Bi-Part automatic sliding glass doors provide a lot of natural light into the commercial building as opposed to manual hollow metal or wood doors. A traditional 4 panel Bi-Part automatic sliding door typically uses 8 panels of glass. Additional options for a window above the door frame header (transom) can provide even more light.

Glass Sizes For Bi Part Automatic Doors

Standard Bi-Part automatic sliding doors can be manufactured with 1/4", 5/8", or 1" insulated glass. Most automatic sliding doors use 1/4" tempered, clear glass, however some exterior automatic sliding doors in very cold environments such as the Mountains, will use 1" insulated glass, as it helps conserve the building's energy consumption. All automatic door glass used is always tempered.

The majority of commercial automatic sliding doors use 1/4" tempered clear glass. This glass type is an industry standard. Tempered glass is a type of safety glass used in all commercial building applications. This glass has been pre-treated and toughened so that it is stronger than normal non-tempered glass. With tempered glass, if is broken, it breaks down into small pieces, making it less likely to cause harm to anyone around. Unlike non-tempered glass which breaks in large shards and can easily cause bodily damage.

Bi-Part Automatic Door Applications

Our bi-part automatic sliding door system is the perfect automated entrance door solution for:
  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Automotive Parts & Repair Shops
  • Car & Truck Dealerships
  • Department Stores & Pharmacies
  • General Electronic Stores
  • Lumber & Hardware Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hospitals
  • And More!

Available Bi-Part Automatic Sliding Door Sizes

Commercial automatic sliding doors are available in all standard architectural and construction sizes.

Popular ADA Compliant Bi-Part Automatic Sliding Door Sizes

Architect Call Size: 12'-0" x 7'-8", Frame Width: 12'-0" (144 Inch) x Frame Height: 7'-8" (92 Inch), Net Opening Width: 5'-0" (60 Inches)

Bi-Part Automatic Sliding Door Sizes

  • Architect Call Size: 9'-0" x 7'-8", Frame Width: 9'-0" (108 Inch) x Frame Height: 7'-8" (92 Inch), Net Opening Width: 4'-0" (42 Inches)
  • Architect Call Size: 10'-0" x 7'-8", Frame Width: 10'-0" (84 Inch) x Frame Height: 7'-8" (92 Inch), Net Opening Width: 4'-0" (48 Inches)
  • Architect Call Size: 12'-0" x 7'-8", Frame Width: 12'-0" (144 Inch) x Frame Height: 7'-8" (92 Inch), Net Opening Width: 5'-0" (60 Inches)
  • Architect Call Size: 14'-0" x 7'-8", Frame Width: 14'-0" (168 Inch) x Frame Height: 7'-8" (92 Inch), Net Opening Width: 6'-0" (72 Inches)
  • Architect Call Size: 16'-0" x 7'-8", Frame Width: 16'-0" (192 Inch) x Frame Height: 7'-8" (92 Inch), Net Opening Width: 7'-0" (84 Inches)

Bi-Part Automatic Sliding Door Rough Opening

Bi-part automatic sliding doors can be installed on interior or exterior building walls. The rough opening can be calculated using the formulas below.

Bi-Part Automatic Sliding Door Rough Opening Formula:
  • Rough Opening Width = Frame Width + 0.5 Inches
  • Rough Opening Height = Nominal Height +0.25 Inches

Bi-Part Automatic Sliding Door Specifications

  • Level/Usage Frequency: Standard Up To Extreme Heavy Duty/Frequency
  • Door Thickness: 1-3/4 Inch
  • Door Type: Aluminum
  • Door Finish: Clear Anodized or Dark Bronze Anodized
  • Sizes: Bi Part Width Up To 16'-0" (192 Inches), Standard Height 7'-8" (92 Inches), Custom Sizes Available
  • Reinforcements: Top and Bottom Pivot Reinforcement, Bottom Guide Reinforcement
  • Channels: Heavy Duty Top Rail, ADA Bottom Rail
  • Drive System: Heavy Duty 30V DC Motor
  • Battery Backup: 12VDC, 1.2 A/h
  • Edges: Square Hinges, Square Lock Edges, Full Height Epoxy Filled Mechanical Interlock Edges
  • Approvals: Certified by UL, Meets ANSI/BHMA Compliance, ADA Compliant
  • Glass Stops: 1/4" Standard, 5/8" or 1" Optional
  • Glass Included: Yes
  • Lock: Mechanical 2 Point Deadlock, Full Vertical Height Interlocks
  • Buy American Act Compliance: Meets Buy American Act - Manufactured In USA
  • Handing: Bipart - Not Handed. Single Slide - Left Hand or Right Hand.
  • Emergency Breakout Function: Yes
  • Roller Type: Quiet Delrin Carriage Rollers With Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Roller Track: Self Cleaning Roller Track
  • Guide System: Bind Free Bottom Guide Standard
  • Selector Function Switch:
  • Controller Type: Microprocessor Mother Board
  • Function Selector Switch: 6 Position
  • Operation Modes: Two Way Traffic, One Way Traffic, Reduced Opening, One Way Reduced Opening, Hold Open, Closed
  • Diagnostics: Electronic LCD Display
  • ANSI Standards: Door Construction Meets or Exceeds Requirements Of ANSI/BHMA Standards
  • UL Certification: Yes
  • ADA Compliance: Yes

How To Order Bi-Part Automatic Sliding Doors

1. Determine Rough Opening

Bi-part automatic sliding doors can be custom manufactured, however since most automatic door installations take place in a new building, or remodel, most contractors and building owners will save time and money by purchasing a standard size bi-part automatic sliding door package. Most bi-part automatic sliding door systems are 12' wide packages. However, 10', 12', 14', and 16' wide bi-part automatic sliding door packages are also commonly used.

The Rough Opening of a bi-part automatic sliding door system can be calculated using the formulas below:
Rough Opening Width = (Overall Frame Width) + 1/2"
Rough Opening Height = (Overall Frame Height) + 1/4"

2. Determine Finish

Bi-part automatic sliding doors are available with standard storefront colors, clear anodized (silver) or dark bronze anodized.

3. Determine Glass Type

Depending on if this is an interior bi-part automatic door or an exterior automatic door will often determine what type of glass you need. 1/4" tempered clear Glass is often used on the majority of bi-part automatic sliding doors. However, if you are concerned with building energy consumption and retaining the climate temperature within your building than either the 5/8" insulated tempered clear glass or the 1" insulated tempered clear glass should be chosen.

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