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Stanley Automatic Door Parts

Stanley Automatic Door Parts

Search 3,112 Stanley Parts

Shopping for Stanley automatic door replacement parts? Looking to improve your Stanley automatic door's performance? Browse our online Stanley automatic door parts catalog to find Stanley replacement parts to increase your automatic door’s efficiency, or aftermarket Stanley parts to get your automatic door up and running again.

At Automatic Door and Hardware, we carry a great selection of OEM and aftermarket Stanley components where you can buy manufacture-built OEM or aftermarket parts. Automatic Door and Hardware sells Stanley automatic door parts online and ship directly to you anywhere in the country. We carry close to 3,112 Stanley automatic door parts and accessories for the last 50 years and 15 different models of Stanley automatic doors - so you're sure to find what you need.

Automatic Door and Hardware is a price leader in Stanley online automatic door parts. Whether you want to order online, get a quotation, or email in a purchase order for Stanley parts, Automatic Door and Hardware can help you keep your Stanley door running.

Popular Stanley Automatic Door Models

Our customers often search these top Stanley door models for amazing deals on Stanley auto door components:

Stanley Automatic Door Parts List

We have a wide variety of Stanley parts and accessories, making it easy to compare prices and find the exact Stanley aftermarket replacement part for your door model. Search through popular part types below and find the Stanley automatic door component that is right for you.
  • Stanley Drive Assembly Header Components
  • Stanley Sensors
  • Stanley Door Panel Components

Popular Types of Parts for Stanley Automatic Doors

Automatic Door and Hardware customers frequently search for the following types of Stanley auto door parts. Check out customer reviews and ratings, and compare prices on the following Stanley parts:
  • Stanley Handicap Buttons
  • Stanley Guide Rails
  • Stanley Finger Guards
  • Stanley ANSI Stickers
  • Stanley Motor / Gearbox / Operators
  • Stanley Controllers
  • Stanley Wear Parts

All Stanley Automatic Door Models

Search all Stanley automatic door models below. Automatic Door and Hardware offers over 3,112 parts for most of the years and sub-models Stanley has ever produced, giving you great deals on parts for all Stanley door models all the time!



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Types Of Stanley Automatic Door Parts

Stanley Automatic Sliding Door Parts

As you can probably guess from the name, Stanley automatic sliding door parts are the components and hardware used on automatic door slides open or closed linearly. Stanley automatic sliding doors are commonly used as storefront entrance doors into commercial buildings like Hospitals, Retail Stores, and Schools. Stanley automatic sliding doors are offered in a variety of configurations such as 2 door panel, 4 door panel, or even 6 door panels. Automatic Door and Hardware carries all of the parts and hardware for every type of Stanley automatic sliding door.

Stanley Automatic Swing Door Parts

Stanley automatic swing door parts are used on Stanley automatic door openers that work by swinging the door open or close. This includes both full energy Stanley automatic swing door openers such as the Magic Swing as well as low energy ADA compliant door openers such as the Magic Force and Magic Access. Stanley automatic swing doors are generally used on exterior entrance doors and commercial restroom doors. Automatic Door and Hardware offers replacement parts for all Stanley automatic swing door models.

Stanley Automatic Folding Door Parts

Stanley automatic folding doors are typically used in applications where space is limited. The smaller footprint of the Stanley automatic folding door system allows it to fit in smaller rough openings than it's counter part the Stanley automatic sliding door. Automatic Door and Hardware has replacement parts for all Stanley automatic Bi-Fold doors.

Stanley ICU Doors

Stanley ICU doors or intensive care unit doors, are a type of manual sliding door system, commonly used in Healthcare and Medical Facilities. Automatic Door and Hardware offers each and every component for all Stanley ICU doors.

How To Find The Right Stanley Automatic Door Part

What Type Of Stanley Automatic Door Do You Have?

Stanley automatic doors provide access and entry into buildings. If your Stanley automatic door is broken or not operating correctly, it can be a dangerous situation and should be fixed immediately. The first step to finding the right Stanley automatic door part is to identify which type of Stanley automatic door model you have. Is it an automatic sliding, swinging, folding, or manual Stanley door product?

Does Your Stanley Automatic Door Open and Close?

Maybe your Stanley automatic door remains open and doesn't close. This could be an issue with the activation or safety sensors. Or maybe your Stanley automatic door opens and closes, but does so too fast, meaning it could just require an adjustment of the Stanley controller.

Does Your Stanley Automatic Door Make Excessive Noise?

Do you hear clunking, or scraping as the Stanley automatic door opens and closes? If so, it could be a mechanical issue such as the gearbox, rollers (for automatic sliding doors) or door arm assembly (for automatic swing doors).

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