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ADA Door Openers

ADA Door Openers

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Why Your Commercial Door Does Not Meet Requirements

ADA or the Americans With Disabilities Act is a law with a set of standards that are required for doors to meet in commercial buildings. One of the biggest challenges of meeting ADA compliance with manual swinging doors is that the opening force must be no more than 5lbs of force for interior doors. Although, exterior doors such as front entrance doors, are not stipulated by ADA, it has become an adopted standard that the opening force should not exceed 8.5lbs on exterior doors. If your commercial door is too difficult to open and exceeds 5lbs of opening force for an interior door or 8.5lbs of opening force for an exterior door, then you are not ADA compliant. Which the cold hard truth of the matter is, if you test your front entrance door as is there is a high probability it is not ADA compliant. Factors like door sweep or weatherstrip drag, slight hinge bind, or a warped door frame, etc can all effect the opening force requirement. But there is an easy solution!

Turn Your Manual Swinging Door Into An ADA Compliant Automatic Door

The Commander Commercial Industrial ADA Door Opener is heavy duty door operator designed to mount to any type of commercial door. The flat header enclosure of the automatic door opener is mounted top jamb on the door frame. The best solution to make any commercial door ADA compliant is our Commander ADA door opener. Once outfitted on your door, it becomes a barrier free entry point with no opening force needed, since the door is now automated. For more information on ADA Door Opener Requirements, be sure to read our article here.

Main Entrance Doors To Your Building Need To Be ADA Compliant

If you are a business your main entrance doors, or the front doors to your building, need to be ADA compliant. While adding an automatic door opener to your building will help you meet ADA compliance, be aware that most automatic door openers on the market are for light duty commercial applications, meaning a light weight door that does not see much traffic. Commercial entrance doors are heavy and if they are at a place of business traffic will be high such as a mall entrance, retail store, etc. You need a true commercial industrial automatic door opener, and that is the Commander. With 5 internal gears, our gearbox can take abuse and keep going.

Commander ADA Door Opener Is The Lowest Cost Of Ownership

If you are a building owner or contractor, the Commander ADA door opener is the lowest cost of ownership automatic door operator on the market today. The durability of our handicap door opener allows it to outlast the competition. Simply put, the Commander can easily operator commercial front entry doors, high foot traffic, and loads of abuse. This results in little call backs or servicing. Where other ADA door openers may be marketed as commercial, but really are a "light commercial" unit and will simply break or fail if installed on a commercial front entrance door, heavy weight door, high traffic door, or an abusive door.



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