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Stanley Dura-Glide 2000, 3000 Operators

Motor and Gearbox Operator For Stanley Dura-Glide Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Door and Hardware carries Stanley Duraglide operator assemblies for all types of Stanley automatic door controller types. Select from motor gearbox operators that are compatible with either the Stanley MC521 control, Stanley Model J control, or the Stanley IQ control. Order today and receive FREE shipping on all Stanley Duraglide operators.



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What Is A Stanley Duraglide Operator Assembly

A Stanley Duraglide operator assembly is the main drive unit for the Duraglide automatic sliding door system. It consists of DC motor, encoder sensor, motor coupling, heavy duty gearbox, and belt pulley. It is often referred to as a motor/gearbox assembly. The Stanley Duraglide operator assembly operates smoothly and quietly when working properly.

What Are The Wires On The Stanley Duraglide Motor Gearbox Operator For?

There are 2 cables that are on the Stanley motor/gearbox operator, the motor cable and the encoder cable.

Motor Cable

The motor cable comes from the Stanley DC motor. The wire colors are typically black, white, and green. This cable is for the motor power. Where the white and black wires are for the motor armature and the green/yellow wire is for the ground. This cable uses a molex plug which plugs directly into the Stanley controller.

Encoder Cable

The encoder cable comes from the Stanley encoder. The wire colors are typically red, white, green, and black. With the Red wire indicating 5VDC, the White wire indicating the X pulse/signal, the Green wire indicating the Y pulse/signal, and the black wire indicating Common. Depending on the version of the Stanley operator, the encoder plug will have a specific molex plug designed to install into a specific Stanley controller type. For example, an MC521 Stanley controller will need a square type molex encoder plug, while the Model J Stanley controller will need a rectangular encoder plug.

Symptoms Of A Defective Stanley Motor Gearbox Operator
Excessive Noise
If the Stanley DC motor is humming very loudly, then the motor may be bad. Likewise, if the gearbox is making loud mechanical noises, or any type of clanking or grinding sounds, then the gearbox could be bad.

Door Stuck And Won't Move
If the door is stuck in position and won't move, it could be because the

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