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Commercial Access Control Steel Door Systems

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Commercial Access Control Steel Door Systems For Securing & Controlling Entry Into Businesses Or Institutions

The magnetic lock steel door packages are designed for entrances or exits which require secure or restricted access. A magnetic lock access control system is fully integrated with the steel door. There are two modes to the magnetic lock system: a normal business hours mode or an after hours business mode. In normal business hour mode, the magnetic lock system is de-energized, allowing the steel door to be opened by pedestrians. In after hours mode, the magnetic lock is energized, requiring pedestrians or employees to use a keypad or card reader to gain entry. A system on/off key switch is included, allowing the business owner to set the door into either mode at any time. Order the Gladiator magnetic lock steel door package today and receive FREE freight.



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Types Of Access Control

Each magnetic lock access control steel door features a type of security entry device that should be installed on the secure side of the door. The security entry device is either a keypad or card reader.

Key Pad Entry: With a keypad entry device, the pedestrian must gain access to the entrance by typing in an authorized pin code into the keypad. Once the pin code is entered, the magnetic lock de-energizes allowing the pedestrian to enter the doorway.

Card Reader Entry: With a card reader device, the pedestrian must gain access to the entrance by using an authorized card key to gain entry. The pedestrian simply taps the authorized card on the card reader device, and the magnetic lock will de-energize, allowing the pedestrian to gain access.

Key Fob Entry: A wireless key fob device can be purchased separately to allow a pedestrian to remotely press the fob button to de-energize the magnetic lock, allowing him or her to pass through the doorway.

Concealed Desk Switch: A concealed desk switch is a type of rocker switch or push button switch that is mounted at a desk or wall. When pressed, it de-energizes the magnetic lock, allowing the pedestrian to pass through the door way.


Restricted Access: If the building or a section of the building is off limits to the public, such as an employee's only area, then the magnetic lock system is ideal. Employees, or authorized persons, can only gain access with a pin code for the keypad, or an authorized card key for the card reader.

After Hours Access: Many buildings are businesses that must remain unlocked during normal hours. With the magnetic steel door package, the magnetic locks can be de-energized by turning the system on/off switch to "off." Pedestrians, customers, and other persons can enter the building without having to use the card reader or keypad. Then once the business is closed, the magnetic locks can be re-energized by turning the system on/off switch to "on." Now, authorized persons such as employees will only have access to the door via a pin code for the keypad or an authorized card key for the card reader.

Select Access: In some buildings such as warehouses, the building manager wishes to have the door secure at all times. However, he or she wants to be able to "buzz" people in such as delivery men and women, etc. In this case the magnetic locks are energized by turning the on/off system switch to "on." Authorized employees can still enter door if they have a pin code for the keypad or authorized card key for card reader. A wireless key fob, or concealed desk switch can be purchased separately, allowing the business owner to de-energize the maglocks so that the delivery person can enter the door.

Triple Threat Protection
What do we mean by this? Well with a steel door magnetic lock system you are potentially looking at 3 protective measures your taking to secure your entry.

First Measure: 18 Gauge Steel Door
Steel doors are the best security door on the market. With commercial glass doors, the glass can be broken, allowing thieves and vandals access to the building. Similarly, wood doors can be compromised with axes or saws. The best deterrent for keeping out vandals is the steel door.

Second Measure: Heavy Duty Magnetic Lock
Our magnetic lock can hold up to 600lbs of opening force. For even more secure applications we have a 1200lb opening force. When the magnetic lock is energized, vandals are not getting through.

Third Measure: Heavy Duty Cylindrical Lock
A leverset handle is included with the steel door. Some building owners choose a non-keyed lock (passage) and solely rely on the magnetic lock for security. Other choose a keyed entry lock. If a keyed entry lock is chosen, this is yet another security measure to ensure vandals are unable to penetrate into your building. It is important to note that when the maglocks are de-energized, the cylindrical lever handle must be set to the unlocked position, so that pedestrians can enter.

Benefits Of Magnetic Lock Steel Doors

Easy To Install
Magnetic locks are easier to install than electric strikes which often require cutting into the door frame. The magnetic lock mounts to the top of the door frame, allowing for a clean installation.

Fail Safe
This can be viewed as a positive or negative. Positive in the sense that many door applications require a fail safe lock and prohibit a fail secure lock. This can also be viewed as a negative because since the lock is fail safe, in the event of power failure, the magnetic lock will be de-energized and the door will be unlocked. Keep in mind if the steel door has a keyed entry cylindrical lock, the steel door will still be locked, if the cylindrical lock was locked before hand.

Keyless Entry
Many building owners find it a hassle to copy keys for cylindrical locks. If you have many employees, this could be expensive and cumbersome. With a keypad magnetic lock steel door, a pin code can be given to employees for access, eliminating the need for keys. Pin codes can be added or removed at any time, helping to ensure only valid employees can have access. Same with the card reader. Authorized card keys can be distributed to employees to regulate who enters the door. With traditional keys, unauthorized persons can get a hold of old keys and potentially get into the building. With keyless entry you don't have to worry about security threats due to lost keys.

Magnetic locks are always installed on the inside (non-key side) of the door. Vandals are unable to hit or damage the maglock since it is protected by the door. Unlike cylindrical lever handles which are often attacked, or electric strikes, which can be struck.

Magnetic lock systems provide the security you need while also allowing for the best in safety. A pedestrian always has access to exit the building in one operation. The motion sensor will automatically detect the pedestrian allowing him or her to turn the ADA lever handle and exit the building. A back up request to exit push button device is also included so the pedestrian can de-energize the magnetic locks in the event the motion sensor fails.

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