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How To Order Overhead Door Holders and Stops

How To Order Overhead Door Holders and Stops

Overhead door holders and stops are often found in commercial buildings since they preserve the door from damage by stopping the door before it can slam into the wall. This page goes over how to properly order overhead door holders and stops for your door.

Is your door fire rated?
If your door is fire rated, then at the hinge side of the door there will be a label with the fire rating. Common fire ratings include 3 hour, 2 hour, etc. Why does this matter? It matters because you do not want to void your fire rating. You will need to make sure you only install a fire rated overhead door stop on your door. If you choose not to do so, then your door will no longer meet fire code requirements, and the fire marshall will flag the door as not meeting proper fire code.

Concealed Vs. Surface Mount Installation

Concealed Mount Installation
This is often the least popular installation method. This is mainly because the door must be prepped by the door manufacturer in order to achieve this type of installation. Concealed mount requires a cut out in both the frame and door for installation.

Surface Mount Installation
This installation type is the most popular because you can retrofit or add an overhead door holder or stop to any existing door. Surface mounted overhead door holders mount on the face of the soffit and the face of the door, making it easier for installation of existing openings.

Overhead Door Holder and Stop Functions:

Hold Open Function: Door Will stay held open at the selected degree of opening. Hold open adjustment screw controls the amount of force required to disengage the hold open mechanism.

Stop Function: Door stops at selected degree of opening.

Friction: Most commonly used on doors without closers. Door will virtually stay held open at the selected degree of opening. Friction tension adjustment screw controls the amount of resistance when opening and closing the door.

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