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A Guide To Ordering Automatic Sliding Doors

1. Determine Automatic Sliding Door Type

Automatic sliding doors come in two main configurations: bipart automatic sliding doors or single automatic sliding doors. Bi-part automatic doors consist of 4 door panels, two of which are stationary, and two which slide open. Single slide automatic doors consist of 2 door panels, one of which is stationary, and the other which slides open. For larger door openings a bipart automatic sliding door should be used. For smaller door openings, a single slide automatic door should be used.

2. Determine Rough Opening

Automatic sliding doors can be manufactured to a custom size, however since most automatic door installations take place in a new building, or remodel, most contractors and building owners will save time and money by purchasing a standard size bi-part automatic sliding door package. Most bi-part automatic sliding door systems are 12' wide packages. However, 10', 12', 14', and 16' wide bi-part automatic sliding door packages are also commonly used.

The Rough Opening of an automatic sliding door system can be calculated using the formulas below:
Rough Opening Width = (Overall Frame Width) + 1/2"
Rough Opening Height = (Overall Frame Height) + 1/4"

3. Determine Finish

Automatic sliding doors are available with standard storefront colors, clear anodized (silver) or dark bronze anodized.

4. Determine Glass Type

Depending on if this is an interior automatic sliding door or an exterior automatic sliding door will often determine what type of glass you need. 1/4 inch tempered clear glass is often used on the majority of automatic sliding doors. However, if you are concerned with building energy consumption and retaining the climate temperature within your building than either the 5/8 inch insulated tempered clear glass or the 1 inch insulated tempered clear glass should be chosen.