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How To Order A Handicap Door Opener

How To Order A Handicap Door Opener | Sales: [email protected]

Are you in the market for a low energy automatic door opener? Well you have come to the right place! Automatic Door and Hardware is a manufacturer of high quality ADA compliant handicap door openers. Our flagship product, the Commander automatic swing door opener is durable, heavy duty, and designed for commercial door use. Let's explore the various factors you should consider before placing your order for a Commander handicap door opener.

What Type Of Door Do You Have?

The three main types of doors found in commercial buildings are: hollow metal steel doors, storefront aluminum doors, and solid core wood doors. Unlike other door opener brands and models, the Commander door opener is a universal door opener which can be installed on any of the three door types.

Hollow Metal Doors: These doors are typically used as rear entrance doors on a commercial building. They are manufactured from heavy duty 18 gauge steel and come in primered gray finish. The Commander door opener can be installed on all major hollow metal steel door brands and models including Steelcraft, Ceco, Curries, Gladiator, Mesker, Patriot, Amweld, and more.

Storefront Doors: These doors are usually the front entrance doors to retail stores. These doors use an aluminum frame and a full lite of glass. The Commander door opener can be installed on all major storefront door brands including Vistawall, YKK, Ranger, Tubelite, US Aluminum, Comanche, and more.

Solid Core Wood Doors: These doors are usually used as interior doors for restrooms or offices. They come in a variety of wood species including Birch, Maple, Cherry, and more. The Commander door opener can be installed on all major wood door brands including Masonite, Lakota, Jeld Wen, and more.

Is The Door You Plan To Automate A Fire Rated Door?

All fire rated doors in commercial buildings must use fire rated door hardware, including the handicap door opener. On the market today there is only a small handful of automatic door openers which are fire rated. The Commander automatic swing door unit is UL Certified for use on fire rated door assemblies up to 3 Hours.

How To Check If Your Door Is Fire Rated

Swing open your door and look at the hinge side. If the door is a fire door there will be a fire label on it. Interior fire doors can have a fire label of 20 Minute, 45 Minute, 60 Minute, or 90 Minute. While an exterior door can be fire rated up to 3 hours. The Commander door unit has the maximum fire rating allowing it to be installed on any of these fire doors.

What Is Your Door Size

Standard ADA compliant doors are are 36", 42", and 48" wide. The Commander door opener is designed to mount top jamb (at the top of the door frame) and span the entire width of the door plus 1.5" on each side. As an example, if your door is a 36" wide door, than the Commander header enclosure would be 39" long.

Commander Header Size = Door Width + 3 Inches

What Is The Door Weight

The Commander automatic swing door unit is truly a heavy duty commercial grade door opener. You can tell by the max door weights, that the Commander can handle any commercial door application. A Commander swing door opener with a push arm can operate a door up to 438 pounds. While a Commander swing door opener with a pull arm can operate a door up to 342 pounds.

Many other handicap door openers on the market today are very small in size, as a result their dc motor and gearbox is very small. Although these smaller ADA door openers are advertised as commercial grade, they are really a light duty residential grade door opener with inferior components such as nylon gears. Where these smaller door openers break down and cost the building owner time and money, The Commander door opener unit is truly commercial grade designed to last for a life time.

Do You Have Enough Space Above The Door To Mount The Commander Door Opener?

The Commander door opener utilizes one of the sleekest and appealing header enclosure boxes on the market. The slim profile measures 4-1/8" tall and projects from the door frame 4-3/4". Although the header design is slim, our oversized motor and gearbox assembly still fits inside of the header enclosure ensuring durability.

For the door you wish to automate, look above the door frame. Be sure you have enough space to accomodate the 4-1/8" tall header enclosure box. Look for exit signs or junction boxes that might be in the way. If there is not enough head room, the Commander door opener can be installed on the other side of the door. Always make sure that the Commander door opener unit is installed on the interior side of the building and never outside of the building exposed to weather.

What Is Your Door Hand?

Door handing is the direction of swing of the door. For single doors the handing options are Left Hand, Right Hand, Left Hand Reverse, Right Hand Reverse. Although the Commander door opener is non-handed (the header box can be used on any door hand), we still need to know what arm type you require (either a push/outswing arm or pull/inswing arm).

Most door openers on the market today are handed. This means if you order a Left hand door opener it must be used on a left hand door. It cannot be used on a right hand door. The Commander door unit was designed as a non handed unit because we saw a need for a universal door opener kit, that a contractor could have on his truck to automate any commercial door he would come across. With the Commander door opener unit, as long as you stock a push arm and pull arm, you will be able to install our door opener on any commercial door.

What Accessories Do You Need With The Commander Door Opener

Unlike other door openers on the market today, our Commander door opener can be integrated with any wireless activation buttons, hardwired activation buttons, safety sensors, activation sensors, touchless activation switches, electric strike locks, magnetic locks, electrified exit devices, or access control systems. The Commander door opener can be interfaced with all major door accessory manufacturers.

The Commander Door Opener Is UL Certified

UL Certification is a must for any product that goes into a commercial building. UL or Underwriter Laboratories is a third party testing agency which provides certification for products to ensure that they are safe for consumers and workers. The Commander door opener is UL Certified, ADA Compliant, ANSI/BHMA Compliant, and can be used on fire door assemblies.

When it comes to certification the Commander door opener has it all. Why does this matter though? In today's market place inferior door openers are everywhere. These lower grade door openers lack all certifications. Don't risk heft fines from building inspectors. Do the job right and install a Commander door opener.

There Is No Easier Door Opener To Install, Than The Commander

When it comes to installation, it doesn't get any easier than the Commander. With our advanced microprocessor controller, the Commander door opener is self tuning and learning. After powering up the Commander door opener, the door goes through a learn cycle, where it measures the door size and weight and adjusts the opening and closing speeds accordingly.

Unlike other door openers on the market which use a series of cams and micro switches to determine the door position check and latch. Cam adjustments can be very tedious and take hours if it is your first time. Purchase the Commander door opener unit and save yourself the time and headache.

All The Bells & Whistles

The Commander door opener features functions are usually additional upgrades which can amount to thousands of extra dollars with other manufacturers. Here are some of the high end functions which the Commander includes as a standard with no additional cost!

Reverse On Obstruction

If the door opener detects an obstruction upon closing, the Commander will reopen the door. This prevents pedestrians from getting smashed in the door.

Push and Go

In a hurry? No problem. Gently push on the door, the Commander door opener will detect the slight movement of the door and automatically open it for you. Great for warehouse applications or hospitals, where time is of the essence.

3.5 Amp Fuse Protection

The Commander is power protected by a 3.5Amp Fuse. Where other door openers require an additional power protection circuit card which can cost thousands of dollars, our door opener includes a power protection circuit as a standard with no additional cost.

3 Function Switch

The Commander door opener comes standard with a 2 way traffic, closed, and hold open switch. No matter your door application the Commander swing door opener is the best choice.

Made In USA

The Commander door opener is manufactured in the USA. When you purchase our product you can tell by the quality! Also, our installation manual is in English and includes easy step by step illustrations.

So order the Commander automatic door opener today and receive FREE shipping!

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