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Commercial Steel Security Door Systems

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Commercial Security Steel Doors For Businesses & Commercial Construction

If you ever talk to a building owner and ask them would you like someone to break into your building? They are sure to give you a strange look and answer in abruptly "Of course not!" Then ask yourself why would you choose to install light duty, low cost doors on your building? If you have found our website most likely you know this already and are in the market for a commercial grade, heavy duty security steel door. Automatic Door and Hardware has been in the door business since 1997. When it comes to providing security, we know what works. Order your security steel door from us today and receive FREE freight.



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What Is A Steel Security Door

A steel security door is a heavier duty steel door system that includes special features and reinforcements to prevent the door from breaking down or being breached.

18 Gauge Steel Construction
Lighter duty steel security doors are constructed from 20, 22, 24, or even 26 gauge steel. These doors are by no means durable enough for applications such as commercial building security. Our heavy duty 18 gauge steel construction is much thicker than the cheap doors and durable too. With our steel security door, you don't have to worry about the steel deflecting or bending when you open the door. The thicker 18 gauge steel is extremely hard to penetrate or pierce. Where as the higher gauge steel can be pierced quite easily.

Hinge Reinforcement & Non Removable Pin Hinges
What's the fastest way to break into a door? The answer is to remove the hinge pins. That's why our security steel door features non removable pin, heavy duty ball bearing hinges. These hinges are designed for security and vandals will not be able to remove the hinge pins to take the door off of the frame. On top of that the steel security door features reinforced hinge preps, so that the door will remain secure even again a pry bar.

Heavy Duty Lock & Reinforcement
Our steel security door features a heavy duty cylindrical lock. The steel door features a lock reinforcement and the steel frame features a strike reinforcement. An optional latch guard or full length security astragal can be purchase separately for even more security.

Galvannealed & Gray Primered
Our steel security door is manufactured from galvannealed steel making it ideal for exterior or interior door applications. Lower cost steel security doors are not galvannealed. Our steel security door features a primered finish allowing it to be paint ready if you wish to paint the door and frame. Lower value steel doors are mill finished steel, providing a very crude unfinished metal look to the door.

Security Steel Door Vs. Wood Vs. Glass

Steel doors are by far the strongest and most reliable security door than commercial wood doors or commercial glass doors. With commercial glass doors, the weakest point on the door is the glass. Vandals can easily breach the entry by simply breaking the glass. In fact, this is what you see on most break ins of retail stores that feature commercial glass doors. Commercial wood doors are stronger than commercial glass doors since they don't have any glass, however they are still much weaker and less durable than a security steel door. Wood doors can be chopped and sawed, to gain access. Wood doors also don't hold up as exterior doors when it comes to rain, snow, and bad weather. The pricing of commercial steel doors are also the best value in comparison to commercial wood doors or commercial glass doors. Commercial wood doors can be price high due to the wood species and finish, and often times is difficult to match with existing doors. Commercial steel doors are primered gray, so they will match older, existing steel doors without any issue. If a painted door is need, commercial steel security doors can be painted since they are already primered.

Commercial Security Steel Doors Vs Residential Security Steel Doors

At Automatic Door and Hardware we manufacture heavy duty steel doors designed for commercial security doors. Residential security doors are much lower in cost, and for good reason. Residential doors are typically manufactured from 20, 22, 24, or even 26 gauge steel and much weaker than our heavy duty 18 gauge steel security doors. Residential steel doors also lack major reinforcements such as door closer, hinge, and lock reinforcements, which our 18 gauge steel security doors come standard with. Residential steel doors are often extremely easy to spot since they are generally finished in a white color rather than a primered gray.

Can I Install A Commercial Steel Security Door On My House or Garage

Yes, in fact, many of our customers come to us, because their original 20, 22, 24, or 26 gauge steel door broke down, got dented, or even pierced. Our heavy duty 18 gauge steel security door can be installed in place of a residential door to help increase your home's security.

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