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Automatic Sliding Door Sticker Placement and Decal Requirements

What Stickers Are Required For Automatic Sliding Doors And How Do I Install Them?

Full automatic sliding doors are used as storefront entrance doors for nearly any type of commercial building including grocery stores, retail stores, hospitals, and more. Per ANSI A156.10 requirements, full automatic sliding doors should have the proper decals to identify the entrance as an automated one and also instruct pedestrians with the operation and function of the automatic door system. In this article we explain the proper mounting locations of automatic door stickers for automatic sliding doors, as well as the proper ANSI decals which should be used.

ANSI 156.10-2005 Power Operated Pedestrian Doors

ANSI states that all sliding doors shall be equipped with signage visible from both sides reading, "AUTOMATIC DOOR" (decal Gbelow) with letters 1/2 in. high minimum.

ANSI also states sliding doors with swinging leaves shall be provided with signs reading, "IN EMERGENCY PUSH TOOPEN." (decal F below). The signs shall have red backgrounds with contrasting letters 1 in. high minimum. Thesigns shall read horizontally and be located adjacent to the lock stile on a center line 36 in. minimum and 60 in.maximum from the floor applied to the side appropriate for egress.

ANSI states that sliding doors that slide alongside an adjacent sidelite or wall shall be equipped with a sign that instructs users tostand clear (decal H below) of the sliding door travel path. The letters shall be 1 in. high minimum on contrastingbackground and located at 36 to 60 inches from the floor.

Putting It All Together

Compliant automatic door stickers or decals are important to provide safety and instructions to pedestrians using your automatic door. If you are a building owner, contractor, locksmith, or door professional and are in need of ANSI compliant automatic door decals, then purchase today from Automatic Door and Hardware. Don't risk installing non-compliant automatic door stickers. We have been in business since 1997 and were the first automatic door e-commerce website. Our automatic door decals are considered standard in hospitals, banks, grocery stores, retail stores, and airports all across the USA.

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