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Sell Dorma Automatic Door Parts

How It Works

Contact Customer Service

If you think you might have automatic door parts we would be interested, please contact for a quotation today. Please include photos and any descriptions or markings on the parts that will help our team identify the components you have. We will gladly send you a quotation.

Accept Quotation

Once the quotation is accepted we will send you a prepaid shipping label and will pay for the shipping of the automatic door parts to our warehouse.

Product Inspection

We will confirm the products are what was quoted.

Receive Your Money By Paypal, Check, or Store Credit

We'll send your money to you by paypal, check, or store credit.

    Dorma Master Core List

    We'll pay you top dollar on the following Dorma parts. Our list is always growing and changing with market demand, so contact for an up to date quotation with today's market.


    • ED 400 CONTROL $50.00
    • ED 400 OPERATOR $37.50
    • ED 700 CONTROL $50.00
    • ED 700 OPERATOR $37.50
    • ED 800 CONTROL $25.00
    • ED 800 OPERATOR $37.50
    • ESA II CONTROL $37.50
    • ESA II MTRGEARBOX $37.50

    Need A Quotation?

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    Email with the product you are interested in, the quantity, and any other requirements you may have. One of our specialists will email you back a free quotation shortly. Did you know we offer free design help? If you are unsure of the product you need, but know the scope of what function or application you need, our design team can help! Contact us with your inquiry today.