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How Do Overhead Door Holders and Stops Work?

How Do Overhead Door Holders and Stops Work?

Overhead Door Holders Vs Overhead Door Stops

Overhead Door Holder
An overhead door holder is a mechanism that mounts to the top of the door and can be adjusted to hold the door open. This device is great for doors, that need to be propped open. Many doors feature kick down door stops, however those can be a trip hazard. Overhead door holders are a great solution to hold the door open.

Overhead Door Stop
Overhead door stops mount at the top of the door like an overhead door holder, however it features a shock spring which helps absorb the force when the door is in the full open position. The overhead door stop does not allow the door to slam. Doors with overhead door stops can expect a much longer life with less damage than a door with no overhead door stop.

Overhead Door Holder and Stop
Combination which features both the hold open feature and the stop feature.

Components Of Overhead Door Holders and Stops

Jamb Bracket: Attaches to the door frame

Arm: Connects the jamb bracket to the Channel

End Cap With Shock Spring: Absorbs opening force allowing door not to slam and cause damage.

Sliding Cam: Shoe that slides in the channel as the door opens and closes.

Channel: Attaches to the door.

End Cap: Attached to both ends of the channel. Allows sliding cam to not slide out of channel.

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