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Single Slide Automatic Doors

Commercial Single Slide Automatic Doors | Automatic Door and Hardware

Single Slide Automatic Doors

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A commercial single slide automatic door is a type of automatic sliding door that consists of one panel that slides open and close horizontally along a track. The door can be powered by a variety of mechanisms, including sensors, motion detectors, and push buttons, and can be customized to fit the specific needs of a business.

Automatic Door and Hardware specializes in manufacturing and selling commercial single slide automatic doors. Our doors are designed to provide convenience, accessibility, and security for a wide range of commercial applications.

Types of Commercial Single Slide Automatic Doors

We offer a variety of commercial single slide automatic doors to fit the unique needs of our customers:

  • Standard single slide doors
  • Telescopic single slide doors
  • Full Energy ADA single slide doors

Benefits and Applications

Commercial single slide automatic doors offer numerous benefits including:

  • Increased accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Improved traffic flow in high-traffic areas
  • Enhanced security with automatic locking features
  • Energy efficiency by reducing the amount of air exchange between indoor and outdoor environments

Our single slide automatic doors are ideal for a wide range of commercial applications, including:

  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Airports and transportation hubs

Maverick Single Slide Automatic Doors

At Automatic Door and Hardware, we are proud to offer our own brand of single slide automatic doors called Maverick. Our doors are manufactured using the highest quality materials and are backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction.

When you choose Maverick single slide automatic doors, you can trust that you are getting a reliable, durable, and cost-effective solution for your commercial needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial single slide automatic doors and how we can help meet your business needs.

What Is A Single Slide Automatic Door?

A single slide automatic door is an automated entrance door system that is made up of 2 door panels. One door panel can slide open, while the other door panel is fixed in place and cannot move. Single slide automatic doors are handed. A left hand single slide automatic door has a moving door panel that slides open to the left, when viewing it from the outside of the building. A right hand single slide automatic door has a moving door panel that slides open to the right, when viewing it from the outside of the building.

Benefits Of Single Slide Automatic Doors

Smaller Footprint

Since the single slide automatic door only features 2 door panels, the overall door frame width is much shorter than that of a 4 panel bi-part automatic sliding door, making the single slide automatic door perfect for space sensitive buildings.

One Way Traffic Applications

Some retail stores or drug stores prefer an entrance door and a separate exit door, for smoother traffic flow and better security measures. The single slide automatic door is perfect for this type of application. One single slide automatic door system can be set as an entrance only door. While another single slide automatic door system can also be installed and set as an exit only door. Many popular drug stores such as Walgreens, Rite Aid, or CVS use this entrance application type.

Cost Effective

The single slide automatic door system is less expensive than bi-part automatic sliding doors since it only uses 2 door panels, while the bi-part auomatic door uses 4 door panels. Also due to the shorter overall frame width, internal drive components such as timing belt, belt clips, and rollers are reduced, helping lower the overall cost of the single slide automatic door system.

Building Energy Consumption

Single slide automatic door systems are smaller than standard bi-part automatic doors. This also means, that the overall door opening is smaller than that of the bi-part automatic sliding door. With a smaller door opening, this will help reduce your building's energy consumption more than a Bi-part with a larger net door opening.

Touch Free Operation

In today's market preventing the spread of germs has never been more important. With traditional manual swing doors, you are forced to touch the door handle in order to pull the door open, exposing you to germs and diseases. With single slide automatic doors all activation is completed by the motion and presence sensors. Simply walking towards the door will cause the sensor to detect you and open the door.

Low Cost Maintenance

With manual doors, maintenance is generally something that occurs every so often. Alot of this is due to the fact that manual doors are touched by pedestrians. The pedestrian has to pull the door open, or push it open. Pedestrians use shopping carts or bags that hit the door as they open them. With single slide automatic doors, the pedestrian never touches the door system. With the activation sensors, the doors open for the pedestrians in an instant, reducing any risk of shopping carts or bags hitting the doors. Overall, a single slide automatic door will require less maintenance than a manual swinging door.

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