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Automatic Door Decals and Stickers

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Automatic Door Decals and Stickers

Wholesale ANSI and ADA Compliant Stickers and Decals For Automatic Doors

Automatic Door and Hardware offers the largest selection of wholesale ANSI and ADA compliant automatic door safety decals and stickers. It is very common for automatic door safety stickers and decals to fade and crack over time. This is often due to damage from the sun or weather. Damaged and cracked automatic door safety decals not only make your automatic door look older and worn out, but they also pose danger to pedestrians passing through the entrance. It is important to always have easily identifiable and legible automatic door safety decals and stickers. At Automatic Door and Hardware you do not have to worry. All of our automatic door safety decals are of the highest quality and commercial grade. We feature all of the common automatic door safety decals found on automatic sliding and automatic swinging doors today. We stock English Automatic Door Decals as well as Bi-Lingual English and Spanish Automatic Door Decals. We have thousands of automatic door stickers in stock and offer fast shipping right to your location.

There are many different automatic door decals and automatic door stickers to choose from, so please select the automatic door sticker which suits you best.

Popular Automatic Door Decals and Automatic Door Stickers Include:

Automatic door decals alert pedestrians that the entrance is automated. You can rely on Automatic Door and Hardware to provide you with the best selection in automatic door decals and stickers. We offer fast shipping right to your job or preferred location.



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ANSI Certified Automatic Door Decals For Safety

When it comes to automatic door stickers, commercial building owners and even door professionals always wonder where to place the sticker on the door. Most people understand that automatic doors have safety requirements that demand specific safety stickers place on the automatic door to help instruct pedestrians on the operation and function of the door system.

A Challenge In The Industry

Still, however, most building owners are unaware that not just any decal or sticker can be placed on a commercial automatic sliding door to be in compliance. Today the industry is faced with many challenges. With the popularity of automatic doors at an all time high, third party companies have emerged that are not even in the automatic door trade, and offer "look alike" stickers for automatic doors. The danger of this is that most of these decals are not ANSI certified and do not meet the strict criteria that must be followed. For example, the font size of the letters is not correct, or the background color of the decal is not correct, or the overall size of the sticker is inaccurate. Often, the low price of these non-certified decals draws in building owners, however unbeknownst to them, the stickers are not compliant with ANSI and automatic door codes. This can ultimately lead to failed and costly building inspections and fines, as well as placing your commercial building into liability for a potentially unsafe automatic door system due to improper and non-certified signage.

Solution To Your Automatic Door Sticker Needs

The solution to this problem, is using an automatic door professional company such as Automatic Door and Hardware. We offer complete automatic door sticker solutions for all types of commercial automatic doors including:
  • Full Automatic Sliding Door Decal Kits
  • Low Energy Automatic Swing Door Opener Decal Kits
All of our automatic door decal kits are comply with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) requirements, ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) requirements, and general automatic door codes.

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