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Door Bottom Sweeps

Door Bottom Sweep Weather Stripping

Automatic Door and Hardware manufactures the largest selection of door sweeps available online and ready to order 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our highly sought after door weather stripping brand, Mountaineer, offers you a complete selection of high quality and durable bottom door sweeps and seals. Whatever the job or door type may be, with Mountaineer brand high quality grade door sweeps, you can eliminate any gap beneath your door and the floor. Shop today and receive FREE shipping on all door bottom sweeps.



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What Is A Door Sweep

A door sweep, or more commonly referred to as a door bottom, is a type of weather stripping designed to seal or eliminate the air gap between the bottom of the door and the surface of the floor or threshold. Door sweeps vary in the sealing material depending on the door application.

Brush Door Sweep

The most popular door bottom sweep is known as a brush door sweep. The sealing material are fine nylon bristles designed to lightly touch the surface of the floor. As the door opens or closes the nylon bristles act similar to a broom sweeping the floor. Brush door sweeps are ideal for any type of floor surface from cement, concrete, tile, carpet, etc. Since the bristles are very flexible, doors with brush sweeps can allow the door to open and close easily without causing excessive friction (assuming the brush sweep is installed properly on the door). Brush door sweeps can be installed on interior or exterior doors.

Neoprene Door Sweep

A neoprene door bottom sweep is sometimes referred to as a rubber door sweep. The sealing material is neoprene which is a rigid material that provides a firmer seal between the door and the surface of the ground. Neoprene door sweeps are ideal for installations on exterior doors where moisture or rain is present.

Vinyl Door Sweep

A vinyl door bottom sweep can be referred to loosely as a rubber door sweep. The sealing material is vinyl, which is more flexible than neoprene and provides a firmer seal between the door and surface of the floor than a brush sweep. Vinyl door sweeps are very versatile in their application, but are typically used on exterior doors present to moisture or rain; or on interior doors where a firmer seal is needed than a brush door sweep.

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