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Door Frame Weather Stripping

Door Frame Seals and Gaskets

Automatic Door and Hardware is your one stop shop for all perimeter seals or gaskets for door frames and jambs. No matter your door type: hollow metal steel, solid core wood, or aluminum, we have a door seal solution for you. Shop all of our door frame seals today and receive FAST, FREE shipping.



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How Do You Seal A Gap Between Door and Frame

If you are a building owner or contractor you may have noticed that there is a gap between your door and frame, when the door is in the closed position. This actually is a very common problem, and can become an issue during the Summer months in the heat or during the Winter in the frigid, cold. If this is the case you require a special type of weather stripping on the door frame, known as a door frame perimeter seal. Unlike other weather stripping designs, a perimeter door frame seal is designed to attach to the door frame and seal the gap between the door and frame when the door is in the closed position. There are a variety of door frame seals to choose from, depending on your application.

Types Of Door Frame Weather Stripping

Screw On Perimeter Door Seals

A screw on perimeter door seal is a type of door frame weather stripping that consists of an aluminum holder and the weather stripping material. The weather stripping material can vary depending on your application. The most popular weather stripping material is a brush type or vinyl bulb type. The weather stripping material is designed to slide into the aluminum holder. The perimeter door seal attaches to the door frame using screw fasteners. When the door is in the closed position the weather stripping brush or vinyl bulb compresses, creating a tight seal against the door and frame. Screw on perimeter door seals are typically used on doors that experience heavy traffic or frequent use. This type of door frame seal is very heavy duty.

Adhesive Gasket Door Frame Seal

Adhesive or stick on door frame gasket is very popular because it is so easy to install. Unlike the screw on perimeter seal, the adhesive gasket is designed to attach to the door frame using the adhesive on the backside of the gasket. Adhesive gasket is sometimes called tear drop weather stripping due to the shape of the bulb gasket resembling that of a tear drop. Adhesive gasket is very versatile and can be installed on all door types.

Benefits Of Door Frame Weather Stripping

By having a properly sealed door and frame, building owners can save on energy costs, since the outside air is unable to penetrate through any air gaps between the door. This means lower electricity bills due to a better insulated building. Also, door frame seals prevent debris, insects, and even rodents from penetrating into the building.


What Is the Weather Stripping Around A Door Called

The weather stripping around a door is most commonly known as door frame weather stripping, but it can also be referred to as door frame gasket, perimeter door seals, or door frame weather seal.

How Do You Install Weather Stripping On A Metal Door Frame

The easiest weather stripping installation on a door frame is an adhesive door frame gasket. On the backside of the gasket is a paper film, which is removed to reveal the adhesive. The door frame gasket sticks to the door frame, providing a firm seal between the door and the frame. This installation can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Screw on perimeter door frame seals can be installed by fastening the door seals to the door frame using screws. This door frame weather stripping installation requires more time, but is a heavier duty solution for doors.

How Do You Replace Weather Stripping On A Door Frame

Weather stripping on a door frame can easily be replaced with our Mountaineer adhesive gasket or screw on perimeter seals. Simply remove the existing weather stripping on the door frame. Clean the door frame so no debris is present. Carefully stick the Mountaineer adhesive gasket to the door frame, or screw on the Mountaineer perimeter seal onto the door frame.

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