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Falcon Automatic Door Parts

Falcon Automatic Door Parts

Automatic Door and Hardware is the Nation's largest supplier of Falcon automatic door parts. From Falcon motor and gearbox operators to Falcon handicap buttons, we have it in stock and ready to ship to you. Order Falcon automatic door parts today and receive FREE shipping!



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What Is A Falcon 8200 Series Automatic Door Opener?

The Falcon is an automatic opening and closing device for commercial doors. It is comprised of a microprocessor control system and a non handed gearbox. A low profile dc motor with encoder drives the door opener. All of the door opener components are mounted to a back plate. The door opener components are secured and covered by an aluminum cover that comes in silver clear anodized finish or a dark bronze finish. The Falcon automatic door opener comes in two different models, the 8231 or the 8242.

Falcon 8242 Automatic Door Opener

The Falcon 8242 automatic door opener is an outswing door opener. It includes an outswing arm assembly that allows the Falcon automatic door opener to push the door open. Falcon 8242 automatic door operators are a very popular configuration since all exterior commercial entrance door swing out.

Falcon 8231 Automatic Door Operator

The Falcon 8231 automatic door opener is an inswing door operator. This means that the Falcon door operator mounts top jamb on the door frame head on the pull side of the door. The inswing arm pulls the door open towards the Falcon automatic door operator. Falcon 8231 automatic door operators are primarily used on interior restroom doors where the inswing door application is required.

Types Of Falcon Automatic Door Parts

The Falcon automatic door is a complex automatic door system, however with the help of Automatic Door and Hardware we can break down the parts and components that make up the Falcon door operator, so repair and maintenance is easy!

Falcon 8200 Series Operator

The Falcon 8200 series operator assembly is probably the most commonly replaced component on the automatic door system. The operator consists of the motor and gearbox assembly. If the Falcon automatic door operator is installed on a high traffic, heavy door, or abusive door, the operator assembly can wear down over time.

Signs Of A Broken Falcon 8200 Operator

  • Slower operation than normal
  • Very noisy operation
  • Door will not stay latched
  • Door is slamming opened or closed

Falcon 8200 Series Controller

The Falcon 8200 series door opener uses an advanced microprocessor control. Often referred to as a control box. This electronic board includes a built in power supply to feed accessories like a receiver or sensor. Factors like the weight of the door, or the abuse of the door can also wear down the controller.

Signs Of A Broken Falcon 8200 Controller

  • Controller LEDs illuminate, however the Falcon door opener does not operate.
  • Signs of smoke or the smell of burnt electronics
  • Visual burn marks on the controller
  • No low voltage on the power supply accessory power inputs

Falcon 8200 Arms

The Falcon 8200 series uses either a pull arm for the 8231 door operator configuration or a push arm for the 8242 door operator configuration. Factors like abuse can wear down and break the Falcon arms. Other factors like poor Falcon automatic door operator installation, can cause the door arms to rotate against excessive force or binding, which can wear down the arm and the gearbox.

Signs Of Broken Falcon 8200 Arm

  • Visual crack or break in the arm
  • Broken inswing arm roller
  • Broken inswing door mounted track
  • Broken arm spindle
  • Missing bolts and hardware on arm

Falcon 8200 Series Handicap Buttons

The Falcon automatic door operator features a push and go features which allows users to simply push the door open slightly, and the door operator will automate open. Standard activation of Falcon automatic door operators use handicap push buttons, either wirelessly or hardwired. Automatic Door and Hardware offers Falcon wired or wireless handicap push buttons as well as touchless actuators.

Signs Of Broken Falcon 8200 Handicap Buttons

  • When handicap button is pressed, the door opener does not activate
  • When wireless button is pressed, signal is not received by the receiver
  • Battery in handicap button is low
  • Visual damage on face of handicap button
  • Broken internal handicap button switch

Falcon 8200 ANSI Compliant Signage

All low energy Falcon automatic door operators come with ANSI compliant decals. If there are no automatic door decals on your Falcon door system, then they should be added immediately. Automatic door signage or decals provide pedestrians with instructions of how to use the Falcon automatic door operator as well as safety information.

Common Falcon Automatic Door Opener Applications

  • Assisted Living
  • Hospitality
  • Retail Stores
  • Small Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Ambulatory Care

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