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Commander ADA Compliant Automatic Swing Door Openers For The Disabled

The Commander door opener brand by Automatic Door and Hardware is a premium American made door opener designed to allow equal accessibility for all pedestrians. At Automatic Door and Hardware we saw a need to offer a true automatic door opener solution. One that was American made, trustworthy, and reliable; which are core values we cherish here at Automatic Door and Hardware. With over 100 years of combined automatic door experience, we at Automatic Door and Hardware have sold all types of automatic door opener brands and models in the past. We grew tired of constantly apologizing to customers for inferior door openers that would break down within a month of installation. Through our experience and hardship, we knew we had to design an automatic door opener of our own that would last over time and provide the installer with a very easy installation process. What we came up with was our Commander door opener. This state of the art automatic door opener is like no other on the market from installation to set up to durability.