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Sealeze Therm L Brush For Sale

Sealeze Therm L Brushes are 100% straight nylon filament, whereas Seleaze Pro Seal Brushes are 100% Polypropylene Filament. Sealeze Therm-L-Brush weatherseal consists of durable and high-quality nylon filament that is resistant to common chemicals. This allows it to have excellent bend recovery and abrasion resistance and remain flexible and effective even down to 70°F below zero! Sealeze Therm L Brush features rugged aluminum holders, which are available in clear (silver finish) or dark bronze finish. Holes can easily be drilled as required. Size D brush is available with filament lengths from 1” to 3” for sealing gaps up to 1” wide. While size G brush is available with filament lengths from 1.75” to 7” and can effectively seal gaps up to 4”. Therm-L-Brush weatherseal with filament 4” long or less is UL labeled for use on 3-hour fire doors.

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