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How To Replace A Commercial Metal Door Without Replacing The Frame

How To Replace A Commercial Metal Door Without Replacing The Frame

If you are a maintenance professional or a contractor doing remodel work you may have come across commercial metal doors that are dented, rusted, or damaged. It's not uncommon, however, that the door frame is still intact and in great condition. After all, the door frames are rarely hit in comparison to the door. In this article we explain how to replace a commercial metal door without having to replace the door frame.

Step 1: Measure Door Size

Determine your door size. Measure the door from the top to the bottom of the door for the exact door height. Measure from side to side for the exact door width. Below are the common door sizes. If your door size is not listed, do not panic. As a manufacturer we can custom make any door size! Contact custsvc@autodoorandhardware.com for an estimation today.

Common Door Sizes:
  • 35-3/4" Width x 79-1/8" Height
  • 35-3/4" Width x 83-1/8" Height
  • 41-3/4" Width x 79-1/8" Height
  • 41-3/4" Width x 83-1/8" Height
  • 47-3/4" Width x 79-1/8" Height
  • 47-3/4" Width x 83-1/8" Height

Step 2: Measure Hinge Locations

Determine the hinge locations. Each door manufacturer uses different hinge locations. Start by measuring from the top of the door to the top of each hinge. 79-1/8" and 83-1/8" height doors will have 3 hinge locations (A, B, and C on the diagram below). 95-1/8" height doors will feature 4 hinge locations.

Step 3: Measure Lock Location & Backset

Each door manufacturer uses a specific lock location. Most commercial doors use a lever handle or knob handle. These doors use an industry standard lock prep known as "C" or 161 door prep.

Begin by measuring for the lock hole. To do this measure from the top of the door to the center line of the latch (E in diagram above).

"C" or 161 lock prep feature a 2-3/4" backset. To measure backset measure from the face of the door to the center line of the lock hole as pictured in the diagram below. You should measure 2-3/4". If you do not, then contact custsvc@autodoorandhardware.com and we can assist you in finding a custom replacement.

Step 4: Cross Reference Your Measurements

Cross reference your measurements with the door hinge and lock location chart below. Confirm the model you need. Be sure to download our "how to measure commercial door hinge and lock location" pdf if you want to have this information on hand when you are out on the job site. Also, if you don't see your hinge and/or lock locations, be sure to contact custsvc@autodoorandhardware.com and we can manufacture a custom prepped metal door.

Step 5: Find Your Door On Our Website

Order the correct door model you need on our website here. Of course if you need additional help, feel free to contact us at custsvc@autodoorandhardware.com and a technical expert will be more than happy to assist you! Or if you need a custom made door with specific hinge locations and lock location then contact us and we can send you a quotation.

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