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Hollow Metal Doors

Automatic Door and Hardware is a manufacturer of commercial hollow metal doors for buildings. We offer the best selection of hollow metal doors at the lowest prices. Hollow metal doors are the #1 choice for commercial building doors due to their performance, reliability, and security.



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What Is A Commercial Hollow Metal Door?

A hollow metal door is a commercial door constructed from reinforced metal that wraps around an insulated core. Despite most misconceptions from it's name, hollow metal doors are not hollow. The inside core of the door is typically made from polystyrene, honeycomb, or fiberglass. The metal door is hung by hinges inside of a hollow throat metal frame. The hollow metal door frame can be wrapped our butted against the opening. Hollow metal doors can be found in any commercial, industrial, or institutional building.

Insulated Hollow Metal Door Types

Polystyrene Hollow Metal Doors

A polystyrene hollow metal door is a metal door with a polystyrene insulated core body. Polystyrene is a type of synthetic resin, similar to foam. However, it contains very good insulation properties making it ideal for exterior commercial hollow metal doors.

Honeycomb Hollow Metal Doors

A honeycomb hollow metal door is a metal door with a honeycomb insulated core. Loosely referred to as honeycomb, this core is manufactured from a similar material as cardboard, and shaped similar to that of honeycomb. Honeycomb hollow metal doors are not as efficient in it's insulation properties as that of polystyrene, and as a result is often lower in price.

Steel Stiffened Hollow Metal Doors

A steel stiffened hollow metal door is a commercial metal door with reinforce steel slats within the body of the door. It is also insulated with fiberglass. Steel stiffened hollow metal doors are sought after due to their increased rigidity and durability.

Polyurethane Hollow Metal Doors

A polyurethane hollow metal door is a metal door with a polyurethane insulated core body. Polyurethane is a type of resin from the polymer family. It is known for very good thermal properties, better than that of the polystyrene core and honeycomb core. As a result polyurethane hollow metal doors cost more than polystyrene or honeycomb hollow metal doors.

Hollow Metal Door Configurations

Flush Hollow Metal Doors

A flush hollow metal door is a commercial metal door that has a smooth face. The metal shell of the door is completely smooth with no embossed patterns, vented louvers, or glass windows in the face the of the door. Flush hollow metal doors are sought after in applications that require security or restricted access from the public or unauthorized persons.

Louvered Hollow Metal Doors

A louver is a type vent. Louvered hollow metal doors are commercial metal doors with a louver installed on the face of the door. Louvered hollow metal doors are used in applications where ventilation is required such as electrical rooms, restrooms, boiler rooms, and more.

Hollow Metal Doors With Glass Windows

In the hollow metal door industry, glass window inserts are commonly known as vision lites. Hollow metal doors with glass windows are often used in entrance doors and hallway doors where visibility is a safety feature to prevent pedestrians from getting hit by the swing of the door.

Hollow Metal Door Applications

Hollow Metal Walk Doors

A hollow metal walk door or sometimes called a walk in door, is a type of metal man door used for entrance, passage, or exit commercial door applications. Hollow metal walk doors come in single or double door configurations. These hollow metal doors can be found on nearly every type of commercial building either as an entrance door, passage door, or exit door.

Hollow Metal Storage Door

Every commercial building has a storage closet door. Unlike a hollow metal walk door, a hollow metal storage door is not designed for person to walk through. As a result, many hollow metal storage closet doors are often shorter in height and width than standard doors. Hollow metal storage doors are designed to secure a building's storage closet.

Hollow Metal Security Door

A hollow metal security door is a type of commercial metal door used to keep vandals and unauthorized persons out of the building. A hollow metal security door will feature additional door locks such as a deadbolt, magnetic lock, or electric strike to help prevent break ins. Additional security hardware like an astragal or latch protection plate is also used to help prevent break ins with pry bars.

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