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Gladiator Hollow Metal Steel Double Doors

A flush commercial metal double door also known as a paired entry is offered in a variety of configurations. The most popular is an active door panel and inactive door panel. Typically the active door panel is prepped for a cylindrical lock, while the inactive panel is prepped for flush bolts (top and bottom). Included in with an active and non active double door configuration is a welded astragal, which provides improved security and eliminates any door gap between each door panel. We also offer door configurations where both door panels are active and utilize a fire rated exit device or push and pull door hardware.

Our 18 gauge commercial flush steel double doors are of the highest quality and feature many upgrades at no additional cost including:
  • Welded Astragal
  • Flush Bolt Prep For Inactive Panel
  • 12 Gauge Closer Reinforcement
  • 14 Gauge Cylindrical Lock Reinforcement
  • 20 Gauge Dust Covers
  • Seamless Edge
  • Full Body Polystyrene Core
  • WHI/ITS Up To 3 Hour, Positive Pressure and "S" Smoke Included
  • Meets or Exceeds Standards for ANSI 250.4 and ANSI 250.8
  • Hurricane Tested Florida Approved FL-13624
  • and much more

Choose Door With Frame or Replacement Door Only

Drywall Knock Down Frame:
A drywall knock down frame or drywall KD (Knock Down) frame is designed for interior doors that attach to wood or metal studs. It consists of 3 pieces: the hinge jamb, strike jamb, and head. The drywall KD frame comes in a variety of jamb depths and is installed after the wall has been built and the drywall has been applied. The drywall knock down frame is designed to wrap around the drywall.

Masonry Knock Down Frame:
A masonry knock down frame, also referred to as a masonry KD (Knock Down) frame is a 3 piece frame designed to be installed before or after the wall has been constructed. It consists of a hinge jamb, strike jamb and a head. Hollow metal masonry knock down frames can be used for both exterior and interior wall applications. Masonry knock down frames can be used on wood stud, metal stud, new block walls, or existing block wall applications.
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