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Self Closing Door Hardware For Commercial Exterior Doors

Automatic Door and Hardware is your supplier for high quality grade exterior door closers. An exterior door closer provides safety to both entry or exit doors located in the building's perimeter wall. ADA standards, ANSI/BHMA regulations, and International Building Codes are standards that Automatic Door and Hardware's exterior door closers meet and exceed. Our exterior door closers are high quality, safe, and durable. Order today and receive FREE shipping.

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Door Closer Door Closer, Hydraulic Automatic Door Closing With Adjusting Speeds, For Commercial Doors, Grade 1, ADA Compliant, UL Listed, Fire Rated Usually Ships in 24 Hours
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HD Brute Strength Door Closer HD Brute Strength Door Closer, Hard Wearing Pivot Arm, Anti Wearing Power House Spring For High Traffic, Windy, and Heavy Commercial Doors Usually Ships in 24 Hours
List Price: $412.48
Your Price At Checkout: $206.24
Savings: $206.24


What Is An Exterior Door Closer

An exterior door closer is a type of self closing door device designed for commercial doors in a building that separate the inside of the building from the outside. Exterior doors are doors that are found on the building's perimeter wall. Since exterior doors act as a barrier from the outside, exterior doors closers keep these doors closed each time a pedestrian has entered or exited the commercial building.

Types Of Exterior Door Closers

Exterior door closers vary depending on the door application. It is important to understand what type of door you have in order to select the correct exterior door closer. At Automatic Door and Hardware we make this easy for beginners or experts of the door trade. We offer all in one products like exterior hollow metal door closers, exterior commercial wood door closers, and exterior storefront door closers, so you can get everything you need in one easy package.

Exterior Door Closer Grades

Similar to a how you would be graded in a high school math class, the door hardware industry has their own type of standardized grading system. These national standards are put into place by organizations like ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association). In a growing market with so many different models, the door closer grade helps identify to building owners, contractors, and door professionals the durability and safety of the exterior door closer. Exterior door closers are available in Grade 1 or Grade 2. With a grade 1 exterior door closer indicating that it has been tested for over 2 million door cycles and a grade 2 interior door closer indicating it has been tested for 1 million door cycles. There are Grade 3 door closers which have been tested for 500,000 cycles, however these are considered residential grade and should not be used on commercial exterior doors. At Automatic Door and Hardware we believe in quality. We only offer Grade 1 exterior door closers because we believe those are the only door closers that should be used on a commercial exterior door. Grade 2 and 3 door closers may appear less expensive in cost, but wear down very quickly and result in frequent replacements. We have found that Grade 1 door closers are actually a better value and lower cost of ownership over the entire life span of the exterior door.

Exterior door closers can be further differentiated by their body design. There are two standard exterior door closer bodies, both of which are utilized for different door applications.

Surface Exterior Door Closers

A surface mounted exterior door closer is the most popular door closer type. This door closer body is rectangular shaped. Sometimes the door closer body is covered with a plastic housing, other times the door closer body is exposed and visible to the eye. Exterior surface door closers are very popular because they are easy to install and require little door preparation. The exterior door closer is designed to either mount at top of the door frame or on the door itself. Exterior surface mounted door closers are very easy to adjust since all adjustment valve screws can easily be accessed since the door closer is surface installed to the exterior door or frame.

Concealed Exterior Door Closers

Concealed exterior door closers or sometimes called overhead concealed door closers, is a type of closing device that is flat in shape and designed to mount inside the door frame head. Concealed exterior door closers are mainly used in aluminum storefront entrance doors, but can be used in commercial wood or hollow metal doors, if the door is pre-fabricated for the exterior concealed door closer. Doors that use exterior concealed door closers are generally center hung (the pivot point of the door is at the center line of the door jamb). Although exterior concealed door closers have been proven to be very durable for building exterior perimeter doors, they are often only used when architects want to conceal the door hardware in order to achieve an aesthetic look for the building.

Adjusting Exterior Door Closers

All exterior door closers utilize the same two type of adjustment valves, S and L, which control the different speeds at which the door closer closes the door. S stands for sweep speed. The sweep speed adjustment on the exterior door closer controls the speed of the door closing from the full open position to approximately 15 degrees. The L stands for latch speed which controls the speed of the exterior door closing the very last 15 degree to the full closed position. At Automatic Door and Hardware all of our exterior door closers feature easy to identify speed adjustment valves, so you can quickly and safely adjust the door closer to the appropriate speed settings for your exterior entry or exit door application.

Installing Exterior Door Closers

In most cases, exterior doors are outswinging door applications away from the commercial building. However, in some non-commercial building applications, exterior doors can be inswinging doors. For this reason our exterior door closers can be installed in three ways: top jamb arm installation, regular arm installation, and parallel arm installation.

Top Jamb Mounted Exterior Door Closer

A top jamb exterior door closer is used for outswing exterior doors. The door closer is mounted on the interior push side of the exterior door. The door closer body mounts to the top of the door frame and the arm attaches to the door. Top jamb door closers are very popular on storefront aluminum exterior doors.

Regular Arm Mounted Exterior Door Closer

A regular arm exterior door closer is used for inswing exterior doors. The door closer is mounted on the pull side of the door. The door closer body is mounted on the door and the arm is mounted at the top of the door frame. Since regular arm door closers are used on inswinging door applications, this door installation is rarely found on storefront entrance exterior doors. The regular arm exterior door closer configuration is very popular on exterior residential garage access doors.

Parallel Arm Mounted Exterior Door Closer

A parallel arm exterior door closer is used on outswing exterior doors. This exterior door closer utilizes a special arm bracket that is designed to attach to the end of the door closer arm. The door closer body mounts to the top of the door on the push side. The parallel arm with the bracket attaches to the frame head. Parallel arm door configurations are very popular on exterior hollow metal steel exit door applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Exterior Door Closer?

Finding the best exterior door closer begins with asking the right questions. How heavy is the exterior door? Is the exterior door a wood, steel, or aluminum glass door? How much traffic door does the exterior door get per day? Is it an exterior exit door rarely used, or is a main entrance exterior door? Understanding that door closers vary and factors such as the questions asked previously, will put you one step in the right direction of find the best door closer for your exterior door. Automatic Door and Hardware understands that when an exterior door is broken down, you as a contractor or building owner must fix it immediately. That is why we do the extra leg work and take out any confusion by providing our own brand of high quality exterior door closer kits that are adjustable, can be used for any exterior door size, are grade 1, extremely durable for all traffic types, can be installed in any configuration, and much more. We take out the guess work for you and provide you exterior door closer solutions that work in real world applications.

How Much Does An Exterior Door Closer Cost?

A true exterior door closer will cost approximately $120 to $350. The price range varies depending on factors such as door closer grade, door closer spring adjustment, door closer delayed action feature, door closer back check feature, door closer arm type, door closer accessories, etc.

Do Exterior Doors Require Door Closers?

The short answer to this is yes. Almost all commercial exterior doors are ADA doors. ADA regulations require either a door closer or spring hinges to automatically close the door. Since commercial exterior doors are heavy duty and either constructed from solid wood, hollow metal, or aluminum and glass, spring hinges are just not feasible for any commercial exterior doors. Therefore an exterior door closer is necessary. Another factor is all commercial buildings will have exterior fire doors. All fire doors are required to have a self closing mechanism to automatically close the door in case a fire breaks out. The solution to exterior fire doors is our fire rated exterior door closer, since it is UL Listed for fire doors up to 3 hours.