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Commando HD Extreme Heavy Duty Grade 1 Commercial Door Closer

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Commando HD Commercial Door Closure

The Commando HD commercial door closer is perfect for those doors where other door closers have failed. This heavier duty, easier to adjust, safer, and reliable door closer will save you time and money from having to deal with any future repairs or replacements you would have done with an inferior door closer product. Automatic Door and Hardware's Commando HD door closer defines heavy duty and durability. Order today and receive FREE shipping!



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Experience What HD Means

The Commando HD was our answer to consumers who were in need of an even heavier duty door closer than the standard Commando door closer. The Commando HD door closer is an overall bigger and stronger door closer, but is still extremely easy to adjust and provides the smooth Commando door control everyone is use to. Here's what to expect with the Commando HD door closer...

Solving Real World Problems

The Commando HD was created to solve issues in the door industry that other manufacturers were not. The door and hardware industry is very complacent, but in today's market people need solutions now. This is how the Commando HD door closer helps.

No Leak Hydraulic Seals

All the time we get asked by facility maintenance personnel or contractors that their current door closer is leaking oil and they need to replace it with something that will last. The Commando HD is their solution. The Commando uses some of the heaviest duty hydraulic seals you can get. Coupled with the precision and tight tolerances of the internal gearshaft and the rack gear piston, the Commando HD door closer is designed to last a lifetime with no leaks.

Anti Wind Draft Spring

We call our internal spring the anti wind draft spring. For years building owners were always faced with broken doors and glass due to the wind pulling the door open and tearing if off of the frame. These buildings needed solutions and the answer is the Commando HD door closer. It features an oversized closing spring that is fully adjustable to hold the door in the closed position. No longer will doors fly open from the wind the Commando HD door closer.

No More Bent Arms

Time and time again, contractors and building owners are scratching their head trying to figure out why their door closer arm has bent. Was someone pulling down on the door arm? Was it abuse? It could be, but most of the time the door closer arm bends due to it's construction and inferior material used. Low grade door closers break arms. The Commando HD does not cut any corners when it comes to craftsmanship or material quality. We use a durable arm designed proven in buildings across the nation that holds up in the most abusive door environments.

When To Use The Commando HD

With the Commando HD, you don't just have to use it on abusive doors, heavy doors, or problematic doors. The Commando HD is the ultimate commercial door closer for standard doors too. If you want a quality commercial door closer that you can have peace of mind knowing your door will operate without issues for decades while also being safe and easy to adjust, then the commando HD door closer is for you. It can be used in all door applications from healthcare, education, hospitality, and more. It is also a universal door closer in the sense that it can be installed on commercial steel doors, interior wood doors, or storefront aluminum doors. No matter your application the Commando HD is the perfect investment to save you time and money from needing to replace an inferior door closer product.

Works On Any Commercial Door

Hollow metal doors, fire doors, wood doors, or storefront doors, the Commando HD door closer is your answer. No head space, no problem. We have accessories like drop plates to help you fit a Commando HD door closer on your door with ease.

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