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Commando Universal Commercial Door Closer

The Commando door closer is one of the safest and easiest door closer to install on the market today. It is extremely versatile with fully adjustable closing speeds as well as an adjustable spring power size to fit any commercial door size. Automatic Door and Hardware's Commando door closer is the best choice for all commercial door types including hollow metal doors, wood doors, and storefront glass doors. Order today and receive FREE shipping!
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Commando Door Closer Commando Door Closer, Hydraulic Automatic Door Closing With Adjusting Speeds, For Commercial Doors, Grade 1, ADA Compliant, UL Listed, Fire Rated Usually Ships in 24 Hours
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About The Commando Door Closer

The Commando door closer is one of the highest quality door closures on the market today. The Commando door closer matches the universal footprint used by most commercial door closer manufactures allowing it to easily replace defective door closers found in retail entrance doors, hospital passage doors, or commercial office doors.

Easy & Safe Speed Adjustability

The Commando door closer features two easy adjustment valve screws to regulate or control every aspect of the door's closing cycle. The Commando door closer is extremely safe and reliable. It meets and exceeds ADA compliance.

6 Levels Of Spring Power

The Commando door closer features an adjustable internal spring, that allows the installer to set the spring tension according to the weight and size of the door. This makes the Commando door closer the most versatile on the market allowing it to adapt to any commercial door size.

Tested For Over 2 Million Cycles

The Commando door closer is a tested, certified, and nationally recognized door closer product. It is UL Listed and is an ANSI/BHMA grade 1 door closer that has exceeded well over 2 million cycles. When it comes to reliability, the Commando door closer defines it.


The Commando Door Closer is perfect for nearly any commercial door application. Applications including healthcare, education, retail stores, office buildings, and more can all benefit from the Commando Grade 1 Door Closer. The Commando door closer is UL Listed and can be installed on fire doors up to 3 hours making it the perfect door closing solution for nearly any man door in a commercial building.

Trusted Quality & Proven Internal Components

The Commando door closer is a trusted name brand by building owners and professionals nationwide and for good reason. The craftsmanship of Commando door closer is second to none.

High Frequency Internal Spring

Starting with the internal spring, the Commando features a special high frequency spring with surface treatment, which allows the Commando door closer to provide steady opening or closing force throughout the life span of the door closer.

High Strength Rack Gear Piston Assembly

The rack gear piston is what compresses the internal spring. Low grade door closers use inferior material causing the rack gear to shear under stress. The Commando rack gear piston is high strength, temperature resistant, with high fatigue resistance. This allows the Commando door closer to operate properly under heavy stress or load.

Durable Gear Shaft

The gear shaft is a vital component in the door closer system. It is the first component to receive the force or abuse from a pedestrian as he or she opens the door. The Commando gear shaft is built to last. Our wear resistant material and tight tolerances allow the Commando door closer to hold up in the most abusive environments such as schools and hospitals.

Reliable Seals

Hydraulic door closers are notorious for leaking oil. Atleast in the last 30 years. This is because many door closer makers cut corners and use inferior seals, or seals that do not have the right tolerances for the valve holes. The Commando door closer doesn't cut corners. The hydraulic seals the Commando uses mesh extremely tight and ensure that there is no hydraulic fluid that will leak from the body.

Hydraulic Fluid

Like a smooth running car, a door closer needs oil, specifically hydraulic fluid. However, what most consumers don't realize, is that not just any hydraulic fluid will do the job. Where inferior door closers use an off the shelf oil, which does not operate will in temperature fluctuation, and has a high viscosity making the door closer difficult to adjust. The Commando door closer uses a special proven hydraulic fluid blend that is no ordinary oil, allowing it to always operate smoothly and controlled from the day the door closer is purchased to decades later after it has been installed.

Lowest Cost Of Ownership

The Commando door closer lasts, there is no denying that. As a certified and tested product that is ANSI/BHMA grade 1 with over 2 million cycles, purchasing a Commando door closer can provide a life time of smooth, safe, and reliable door closer operation. Lower grade door closers may appear cheaper in cost, but in the long run they will need to be replaced multiple times, resulting in costly door repairs. The Commando door closer solves your door closer problem right from the start and is the lowest total cost of ownership for the life span of your commercial door.