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Automatic Self Closing Door Closures

Automatic door closers provide safe and reliable door access for all types of pedestrians. Our automatic door closers use a commercial grade piston, spring, and gear shaft providing unmatched performance. Each automatic door closer we supply is fully adjustable and extremely easy to install. Shop today and receive FREE shipping.
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What Is An Automatic Door Closer

An automatic door closer is a mechanical hydraulic door closing device. It is a manual type of door closure that uses mechanical spring power to automatically close the door once the door has been opened. The internal hydraulic fluid and a system of valves controls the speed at which the automatic door closer closes the door. Automatic door closers are often confused with electromechanical automatic door openers or ADA door openers. Automatic door openers use an electric powered DC motor to power a door open, then uses a mechanical spring mechanism to close the door. Whereas, automatic door closers do not automatically open a door, they only automatically close a door.

What Is The Difference Between An Automatic Door Closer and Automatic Door Closer Hinge

An automatic door closer consists of a hydraulic door closer body that houses an internal piston, gearshaft, and hydraulics. Automatic door closers are designed to mount to the top of the door or frame. An arm that extends from the door closer body and connects to the door, pulls or pushes the door closed depending on which side of the door the automatic door closer is mounted. A automatic door closer hinge is essentially a spring hinge. As the door is pushed open, a spring inside the door hinge barrel winds up creating spring tension. As a person passes through the door, spring hinges automatically unwind, causing the door to close. Automatic door closers are used on standard and heavy commercial door applications and are completely adjustable in spring tension and closing speed. Whereas automatic door closer hinges can only be used on light weight doors and lack the level of adjustment that automatic door closers possess.

Automatic Door Closer Adjustments

An automatic door closer uses hydraulics to regulate the door closing speed. 2 hydraulic speed valves are standard on all automatic door closers. The latch speed which controls the closing speed from about 15 degrees open to fully closed position. The main speed controls the closing speed when the door is in the full open position to 15 degrees. Properly adjusting automatic door closers is important for both the safety of pedestrians and the longevity of your commercial door. Automatic door closers should never slam the door closed. A properly adjusted automatic door closer will gently close the door.