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(8070) 96 in. x 84 in. Storefront Aluminum Double Door and Frames

(8070) 96 in. x 84 in. Storefront Aluminum Double Door and Frames

If you're in the market for commercial storefront doors and replacement parts, you've come to the right place. At Automatic Door and Hardware, we manufacture a wide range of products to meet the needs of our clients. Our 96 in. x 84 in. Narrow Stile Offset Pivot Storefront Aluminum Door Pairs and Frames are an excellent option for many commercial buildings, and we're here to explain why.

The Benefits of a Standard 84 in. Tall Door Height

Choosing a 84 in. tall door over a standard 84 in. tall door can offer numerous benefits for your commercial building, including:

  • Accessibility: Standard height doors are designed to accommodate most people, making them more accessible for people of different heights, including those in wheelchairs or with mobility aids. They also make it easier for moving large furniture and appliances in and out of the room.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Standard height doors are mass-produced and readily available, which means they are often less expensive than custom-sized doors. This makes them an affordable option for most homes and buildings.
  • Convenience: Since standard height doors are widely used, they are readily available at most home improvement stores, making it easier to find replacement parts or accessories when needed.
  • Code compliance: In many jurisdictions, building codes require a minimum height for doors to ensure safety and accessibility for occupants. Standard height doors typically meet these requirements, making them a reliable choice for building projects.

The Benefits of a 96 in. Wide Storefront Double Door System

Opting for a larger 96 in. wide storefront double door system with two 48 in. wide doors instead of non-standard 72 in. wide double doors can offer a number of benefits for your commercial building:

  • Increased traffic flow: Wider doors can accommodate more people and goods moving in and out of the building at once.
  • Enhanced safety: In an emergency, wider doors can facilitate a faster and more orderly evacuation of the building.
  • Better accessibility: Wider doors can also make it easier for people with disabilities or mobility devices to enter and exit the building.
  • Improved aesthetics: A wider door system can create a more impressive and modern appearance for the building.

The Benefits of a 2.125 in. Narrow Stile Door with Offset Pivots

Our 2.125 in. narrow stile door with offset pivots is a great option for those who want to achieve a sleek, modern look for their commercial building. Choosing this type of door over wider stile doors can offer the following benefits:

  • Improved visibility: Narrow stile doors allow for more glass, which can improve visibility into the building and create a more open and inviting atmosphere.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: The narrow stile and offset pivot design can create a sleek, modern appearance that is highly desirable for many commercial buildings.
  • Increased security: Narrow stile doors with offset pivots are harder to pry open, providing better security for your building.
  • Better weatherproofing: Narrow stile doors with offset pivots can provide better weatherproofing, which can help keep your building more comfortable and reduce energy costs.
  • Customizable options: With a narrow stile door, you can choose from a variety of different glass types and designs to create a unique look for your building.

At Automatic Door and Hardware, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and excellent customer service. Our 96 in. x 84 in. Narrow Stile Offset Pivot Storefront Aluminum Door Pairs and Frames are an excellent choice for many commercial buildings, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with their performance and appearance. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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